10 Things That Are Common In Every Engineering College Of India


It needs courage and stamina to choose Engineering. Every to-be-engineering student sees dreams of having a good campus like they show in movies, but their life ends up in the prison and that too where they kill you with the torture of boring lectures.

However, we are always there to help you in overcoming this depression of Engineering. We create good stuff for you and that’s how you feel like “I Am Not Alone”.

So, here we are mentioning 10 Things That Are Common In Every Engineering College Of India.

1. Uneven Gender Ratio In Engineering College

Yes, this is the story of every engineering college. They all have almost equal number of girls and boys in CSE branch, but the case of every branch is not same. There is always a dominance of boys in every branch. Well, if you talk about Mechanical Engineering, they don’t have even a single girl in their class.

2. Floods Of Assignment

The torture of professors in every engineering college is same, and the name of that horrible torture is ‘Assignment’. A number of assignments you get can fill the libraries of some small colleges. You can write an autobiography because now you are expert in writing things and making stories.

3. College Canteen, A Hangout Place

This is the only place where you can shed your tears of taking engineering. This is the only place which pampers you and your tummy to handle these difficult days. You can always find your group in the canteen and that makes it a perfect hangout place for you.

4. Techniques Of Last-Minute Studies

Every engineering college teaches you the techniques of last-minute studies.Whether to make chits or write stuff on your table, you get all cheating hacks in one day. The atmosphere of engineering college influence you to waste your time and utilize every single second before the exam.

5. Group Study? You Mean Night out.

You plan for a good group study but it turns out to be a wonderful night out. Obviously, you will sit for group study but the black hole in your stomach will demand some food and that is the first priority. Now, who wants to come back again if you can spend your night under the warm blanket of stars?

6. Inclination For Tech Fests And Cultural Fests, No Degree

We don’t want a degree, we want to be a part of tech or cultural fest. Don’t give us grades, give us some position in these fests. We will arrange things for sponsorships, decorations, hospitality, everything but we can’t manage to arrange circuits in labs.

7. Mass Bunking And Low Attendance Are So Common

So, there is not even a single engineering college on this planet which doesn’t make you experience the trauma of low attendance. They also teach you how to be a master of leadership when it comes to mass bunking, obviously, there are some weird species in every class.

8. Doesn’t Matter Who Is The Most Popular Person In The College, The Limelight Is On The First Person In Viva

You are allowed to be the Rahul of college from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, but the end show will be in the pockets of the person who goes first in the viva. He steals all the lights and attention after coming out from the hall.

9. Semester Breaks, I Don’t Want To Go Home For One Month

Yes, semester break is the bitter situation. Actually, you have started falling in love with your college life, not because of the campus and teachers, but because of your friends. You guys share same ground which gives you the comfort of close-knit family. You don’t like going home and that too for a month, A BIG NO.

10. Cribbing, Curing, But Still Loving Your College

Isn’t it strange, the thing we curse at starting becomes the best thing after some time? The life at engineering college teaches us that. Every single person cries while leaving the college because they are leaving all the fun behind and this life can never come back. Engineering college days are really good and happy.


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