From 52% In Class 12th To A Hacker Who Booked A Delhi To USA Flight For Re1!


This Guy from India booked a ticket to USA for Re 1!

Kanishk Sajnani


This 20-something guy with no professional expertise, who hacks ethically, looks for no personal gains and believes that hackers should be rewarded for their positive contribution.(He is not a nerd!)

He booked himself in an Air India flight from New Delhi to San Francisco for just Re.1 . By this amazing skill of his, he could have travelled the world almost for free. But did he? NO He Didn’t

While browsing through the site, he found some major bugs in their ticketing system. The same would’ve allowed him to book a ticket for relatively no amount to anywhere in the world. However, instead of taking advantage of it, he brought it to the attention of Air India via email.

Same Happened when he booked a ticket from Delhi to Goa,The ticket was worth ₹4028, but he only paid ₹4. Again, like he mailed spice jet About Bugs in the app.

I Asked him some questions about his life and future plans:-

1.  When all this Started? First ever you thought about starting Hacking?

“It all started in June 2015. I was Inspired by many stories on Ethical hacking – shared across the world – on the Internet. That’s when I decided to try my hand too. I learned what I could from Google and started looking at e-commerce sites run by Indian companies.”

2. As many Students think that grades are very important what do you think about it?

“Personally speaking: I never gave too much importance to grades. You might be able to score well by studying at the very last moment & still don’t remember anything the day after. What really matters is – How much Practical/Hands-on knowledge you have in the field that YOU are actually passionate about.”

3. How much you scored in class 12th?

” I scored 52 percent.”

4. You could have travelled whole world for free and earned so much so you never thought about it?

“The Job of a White hat hacker is to chose ‘Ethics over temptation’, which is exactly what I did”

5. Why don’t you dropout? you still have so many opportunities!

“True, but I don’t want to miss-out on anything that may help me in my career ahead.”

6. What is your Dream?

The dream is to keep doing what I like. If I fixate on something, I may end up regretting it.It is okay to try completely new Or multiple things at once.

7. Any incident or experience you will never forget?

“Yup! Being called as the ”Neighborhood Watch” of the Internet by HackerOne. It means a lot (for a regular college going Guy) to be recognized at a global stage.

8. Any message for our audience?

“Always choose passion over everything else. Believe me, it’ll take you to places :)”