How A Creativity Amazed Mr Anand Mahindra That He Decided To Fund Him


We can never underestimate the power of social media and no one knows the value of one tweet. Do you know what that one tweet can do for you? How that one tweet of 140 words can give you a chance of meeting with celebrities? No? So here were are presenting one case for you.

It was a very fine day when Mr Anand Mahindra, Executive Chairman of Mahindra Group tweeted ‘how Ukrainians dealt with potholes’. He got so many replies for that tweet, but one reply caught his attention. He saw that ‘how Indians show their creativity in the form of street art’. He couldn’t resist but retweet that reply and here is that tweet:

All thanks to the power of social media when Mr Mahindra got a reply in which the name of the artist was mentioned. He didn’t miss the chance of helping people and retweeted that tweet with this quote:

You can hide nothing in this world of technology and the artist himself replied to Mr Mahindra. His name is Baadal Nanjundaswamy who is a great artist and everyone in Bangalore appreciate his artworks.

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You can see all the happiness in his tweet here, *tears in my eyes*:

Mr Mahindra gave a genuine and decent reply to his feelings and we can’t hold our emotions to appreciate this response:

All Hail To The King.

So, what’s next? Obviously Baadal Nanjundaswamy is famous now and people are writing about him, just like we did.

Have a look:

Keep promoting your work, you never know what can happen next.