7 Must watch Indian web series during hostel life.


Popular Indian Web Series…

Have you got bored of TV and watched all your favorite Hollywood TV series? Or find it difficult to figure out what to watch on internet, Indian web series won’t disappoint you. Like other fields in this field also India is no less than anyone. You will definitely find your favorite genre here. No doubt, India is blessed with very talented actors and brilliant directors and producers. They keep up with the times for modern generation; watching web series is really trendy these days.

  1. Twisted:


Twisted, an original web series by Vikram Bhatt starring Nia Sharma (as Alia) and Namit Khanna (as Ranbir) is a murder mystery. You can easily watch it on YouTube. Actors delivered a noteworthy performance. Nia Sharma is indeed stunning. The storyline revolves around a rich businessman, his drug addict wife, his love affair with a very successful model Alia and a murder. So, who is the murderer … what’s twisted… what’s the truth…who is lying…?

  1. Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai: Take 2:

Season 2 of very popular Indian TV show Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai

Didn’t you miss the Sarabhai family? With IMDb rating 9.1, season 1 was one of the most popular comedy series. Now the makers came up with 2nd season with same lead cast and introduced a few new actors, streaming on Hotstar.


  1. Bisht, please!   

Story of Neetu Bisht, a young good girl dealing with her dull life. How she cope up with this hypocrite society is shown in sarcastic and funny way. But tvf disappointed viewers little bit as their expectations rose quite high after their other series and hilarious videos.


  1. Girl in the city, Chapter 2:

2nd chapter of a small-town-girl Meera’s story… In season 1, everyone was inspired by Meera’s life in new city and how she had managed things. This web series is good to watch for everyone who is struggling to achieve their goals. Her new journey starts with her dream job at “House of Areem”, a fashion house in Mumbai, new people she meets. Is every that pleasant as it seems to be… how this cute intelligent girl will handle new challenges… how she handles her life that’s no less than a rollercoaster ride…

  1. Permanent Roommates:

Tanya and Mikesh coolest internet couple…  Tanya being serious, simple and practical and Mikesh innocent and lovable form a really cute couple who share a unique bond. From their long-distance relationship to the decision of getting married this series of two seasons tried to break the stereotyped thinking. A couple is really lucky to have a very lovely family. Characters like Purushottam made this series extremely humorous. It is a perfect dose of drama, comedy and love.

  1. Baked:

3 college going flat mates decided to start a midnight food delivery service ‘wake n bake’, in Delhi. Produced by Pechkas Pictures and ScoopWhoop Talkies, this fiction web series follow their life. The complications they faced after starting this small business is worth watching for the youth of India.



  1. TVF Pitchers:


Whoa! An Indian web series with IMDb rating 9.4… having a less common and amazing plot and brilliant actors made this a huge success. Jitendra, Arunabh, Naveen, Abhay Mahajan perfectly played their roles. Characters are both real and genuinely funny. It’s all about the dream of three engineers to have their own start-up company who were trapped in their high package jobs. Some people supported them and some advised to back off but they followed their heart.  Amit Golani has done terrific job with this web series.


Indian web series collection is not just this; there many more engaging web series. Feel free to comment about your favorite series.

By : Jagriti Agnihotri IIIT-Jabalpur