800 engineering colleges to be ceased : AICTE Chief

800 engineering college

Around 800 engineering colleges in India to be closed in the coming academic year of 2018.

Said AICTE – All India Council For Technical Education chairman Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe.

According to him, over 800 engineering colleges across India have had a student enrollment of less than 30% of their capacity for five consecutive years. That’s some eye-opening stats for the students who want to opt for engineering after their 12th. The list of those 800 colleges has not been made public yet. But they have informed them and asked to submit a report within the 2nd week of September.

Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhewas in Bengaluru on Friday to inaugurate the ‘Green Hand‘ sculpture, at New Horizon College of Engineering, Marthahalli. He also went on to say that

 “Students can be shifted to engineering colleges in the vicinity that have sufficient student strength”

AICTE has been working on the data of engineering colleges in various states and they found that most of them couldn’t even fill 30% of their seats. So the made a list of colleges that had not been able to achieve it in last five years.The reason for such blistering stats could be boiled down to one conclusion, i.e. quality of engineering.

Here are stats of last five years:

AICTE stats
Source: AICTE

With the quality of engineering education and balance in the number of engineering students and their employability being big challenges, AICTE has introduced the plan for teachers’ training.

“Most college professors or lecturers are high level degree holders. They don’t have much experience in teaching aspiring engineers. From now,every new lecturer will have to underdo compulsory training of six months. Existing engineer lecturers have three years to undergo this training compulsorily,” 

The field of engineering can be improved by combined efforts of our universities, colleges, teachers and most importantly us. Because we are the end product of this whole process. Don’t just opt for engineering because of peer pressure follow your passion and dreams.

Engineering might land you a job

but your passion will definitely land you a good life!!

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