About Us

Imagine you are stuck in an adverse situation i.e Exam week, your conscience is blaming you for not studying the entire sem. With increasing pressure and guilt, you need some help ASAP, well here comes your online dose of joint –The Frustrated Engineer

With 1 million + followers TFE has become a recognized branded page of entertainment on FB for students all over India.

A platform has been created to know about the engineering life.

                 Divided by universities, United by TFE

But this fame didn’t come overnight , The founder Rajendra Rathore (Mechanical, NIT Trichy) and co-founder Rohit Bhardwaj (MS, TUT Japan, Mechanical, IIIT Jabalpur) have spent innumerable nights.(Nights because engineers ka koi din nhi hota unki sirf raat hoti hai) in creating standard quality posts relatable to engineers.


It all started in 2012-2013 , When our S.R.K(Raj) thought of impressing his crush by posting jokes,poems on a Fb page, which eventually got appreciated by other FOSLAs (so called Frustrated One Sided Lover’s Association )

This intrigued Rohit Bhardwaj and he also wanted to show his creativity. The two co-founders were ready.

Both entered in ‘The world of Engineering’, Where they realize the pattern of mundane frustrating lives which every student was living.

Assignment, tests, Surprise quizzes, increased difficulty level of Math and then the notion of an online community came where people from all NITs could join and share their experiences, daily life problems and opinions.

The entrepreneurial mind started networking, became online media partners promoted fest of other engineering and management colleges and the response from students all over India increased tremendously.

People started acknowledging their talent, like and comments started showering. Also other students started contributing in designing, editing, promoting TFE.

Three more pillars joined in later in 2016.

Anant Bhardwaj, the youngest of all from Meerut, a first year ECE student at Manipal Institute of Technology is a Christmas present full of talent. Nilay Paul who’s working in an MNC, having a passion for Filmmaking and has been contributing for TFE for a long time, despite having a busy office schedule. He has taken a keen in interest in entertaining people with all his Creativity. Harshit Shrivastava, a 3rd year IT student from LNCT Bhopal, a young talent who wants to become a stand-up comedian in future and does not want to end up in a cubicle working 9 to 5.

After growing success of our Facebook page, we decided to go one step ahead by launching India’s leading website that provides viral content in all the categories. After 4 Years of Facebook page launch, on 26 November 2014, we launched our Website:-