Aditya Kulshreshtha – 20 Years old professional Stand-up Comic and Engineering student

Aditya Kulshreshtha

Singers, writers, dancers, actors, athletes and STAND-UP COMEDIANS are sitting in a class and trying to pass the semester. This scenario would fit perfectly 10 years ago. But we’re the first generation of Indian engineers who are not trying to get a decent placement and just settle.More and more people are going out, struggling and taking risks. Aditya is one such guy.

Aditya Seema Kulshreshth is currently studying B.E in CSE at LNCT Bhopal. He is a 3rd year student and is professional stand-up comedian. He has performed opening act with several comedians like Biswa Kalyan Rath, Vipul Goyal and Kunal Kamra and more than 70 shows.

Aditya looks up to Zakir Khan as his inspiration. Zakir Khan is like elder brother to him. He seeks him whenever he needs advice.

Aditya Kulshreshtha
Aditya with Zakir Khan.

What was your motivation to get into comedy?

It all started with The Great Indian Laughter Challenge season 1. When I was a kid, my mom wouldn’t let me get into TV room because I used to skip my homework. So this one time, I sneaked into the room and Raju Shrivastav was performing his act. His act touched me on a level that I used to listen and memorise his 4 hour long acts and perform it at school. I didn’t think of writing my own content back then.

Aditya Kulshreshtha
Aditya Kulshreshtha with Biswa Kalyan Rath

What does your parent think of you doing stand-up comedy?

My dad doesn’t live with us. My mom raised me and my sister as single mother. She pretty much knew that I’ll go into creative line of work. She is very happy. She herself used to be  photographer and writer.

How do you manage both studies and comedy?

Most of the engineers study one day before the exam. I do the same and spend rest of the time writing and practising content of comedy.

Any backlogs?

I failed to do 3 things in engineering life?

1.Play football.

2. Have a girlfriend

3. Clear M1, M2 and M3 in first attempt.

How much support do you get from college?

They don’t even know about me and the work I do. Even I don’t bother them with the stuff regarding attendance and all. Everyone has their own problems. Everyone is frustrated in engineering colleges, not just students.

Just so you know, we go to college by buses which are more crowded than dadar local at peak time. And worst of all, we have college uniform.


Aditya Kulshreshtha
Aditya Kulshreshtha at his college.

What are your plans after graduation?

It’s my mom’s dream to see me graduated. Until I graduate, I’ll focus on my stand-up career along with my studies. If I get enough shows to have decent money in my pocket, I’ll continue with stand up comedy. Even if it doesn’t work, I’ll work as Radio jockey or copywriter.

I produced a show for radio mirchi and was offered a job. I couldn’t take it because of my college timings.

How does it feel like being the only stand-up comic from your city?

I started doing comedy in a city where there wasn’t any scene of live shows. So when I was beginning the open mics, I had a pressure of being fresh and funny every time I performed.A lot of people from my city told me that they got to know about stand up comedy through me. I feel obligated to perform better.After this,I kept on organising shows of big comics for having the market for stand up comedy in the cities.


Aditya Kulshreshtha
Aditya Kulshreshtha with Kunal Kamra.

Any particular moment where it felt like struggle?

Sometimes I had to go to the open mics just after the college and then I had to go to shoot a wedding.I was a part time wedding photographer. So it happenned a lot of time where I left my place at 9 AM in the morning, went to the open mic, shot the wedding photos and got back home the next day at 10 AM.

Any unforgettable moment/experience?

I was there for Vipul Goyal’s show in Indore to open his act. As I was also organising the show, I was standing near the ticket counter to help the guys. Two guys came to me and asked me if I was Aditya Kulshrestha.They said that they’ve been following me for a long time and wanted to click a selfie.Usually, people click selfies after the show.This was the first time someone clicked a pic before the show.

Aditya Kulshreshtha
Aditya Kulshreshtha with Vipul Goyal.

Random fact: I(editor) study(LOL) at the same college and he is my junior. Aditya and I share more or less the same pain. Proud to have a junior like him. Godspeed bro!


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