And This Is How Amazon’s New Policies Are Going To Crush Small Businessmen.


E-commerce giant Amazon has reportedly made its sellers indignant by introducing a new return policy, which eventually makes it easier for the customers to send back the items purchased, at the seller’s expenses.

After receiving an email from the company, the marketplace sellers were frustrated to see the changes that were made in the return policies. Considering the new policies listed, as of October 2, the products they sell will automatically get authorized for a return, without even allowing the sellers to get in touch with the consumer, so as to ask and resolve what went wrong. This way, the merchant loses the ability to contact the customer about the problem or the reason for filing a return.

Suppose if a consumer is returning a gadget which he/she doesn’t know how to use, then as per the new return policies, the seller cannot even contact the customer for resolving the issue. This has ignited a rage amongst the merchants which don’t use Amazon’s facilities and are trying to run their small businesses from a garage, warehouse, etc.

The email further read, ‘Customers will be able to print a prepaid return shipping label via the Online Return Center instantly.’ Further, Amazon is all set to introduce Returnless Refunds, under which the sellers can choose to refund the amount without even bothering to take the product back from the customer, in case the shipping process is too pricey or the product is hard to resell.

These new return policies have prompted certain merchants to head straight to the online forums to complain about the e-commerce giant. A seller quoted that these policies are nothing but an unacceptable joke, which powers the customers to get the product free of cost. Another merchant said that Amazon is never going to believe that the customer may fake a reason for their return, and could misuse the system very often.

These changes in policies are pointed straight towards those third-party sellers, who choose to fulfil the orders by themselves, rather than Amazon. However, this is not the first time Amazon has stressed its sellers. In view of improving the customer service quality, it has done so quite often.

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