This Is The Best Reason Why We All Should Avoid Sarahah- Thanks Ryan Christopher


We all are getting fueled up to create an account on Sarahah and waiting for some anonymous messages. These messages are making us happy and sad at the same clock, but the thinking is- let us give it a try at least.

Everything comes with two sides and we always get our hands on the brighter one. People are getting awesome messages which are beaming their days and making them happy. Girls are getting proposals from guys, guys are getting some trolls from their friends, some are getting cute messages and some are getting the noise of stalkers. In short, everything is good, after all, it is just an app which has been made with the purpose of fun and enjoyment.

Now, we are shifting the screens to the darker side, or reality I must say. This is a post by Ryan Christopher which helped us in getting a different side of this fun. You too have a look:

Thanks Ryan for this message.

This is for the people who have used Sarahah and got some messages, please count on the things which are true:

  1. You might have got some messages from your ex-friends and they have shown their hatred for you in those messages. From my point of view, it is completely okay to lose some friends in life because that’s how we learn to move on. The things are always from the both sides, so it is fine to have some ex-friends, but what is the need of this hate?
  2. I feel sorry for every girl who got vulgar messages. I know you girls are strong and you can face/ignore this thing, but still, people should learn to respect women.
  3.  There must be some people who came forward to offer you some advice and expected you to follow it. Trust me, if they are your real friends and giving this advice for your betterment, they will tell it directly to you, why need Sarahah?

The main point is here to make you aware of the bad consequences of Sarahah. No one gives us the right to hurt a life, so don’t be a part of negativity and stop promoting this app.

We all love happiness in our own kingdom 🙂

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