While Bhakts Are Busy In Supporting Baba Ram Rahim, Sidharth Malhotra Is Tripping High.


This post is for fun and entertainment, readers are requested to enjoy the post without any criticism *Pun Intended*. We are not mentioning anything offensive related to Baba Ram Rahim.

So, we all know the situations of the roads and streets of Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi. The followers of Baba Ram Rahim are not happy with all the things happening to him and we have no particular opinions about that. While we were reading the news of Baba Ram Rahim, one thing grabbed our attention and this was literally out of the league.

We saw a weird tweet by people’s all time favourite star Sidharth Malhotra and we are not in the condition to think clearly after reading it. Here it is:

*Face Palm*

Like what is wrong with Sidharth? Is he on a trip? Why in the seven heavens could he tweet that? And our next step was- READING REPLIES TO THIS TWEET.

Yes, people are also losing their minds over this tweet.

This Person Got It Right.

This Person Is Disappointed.



This Is A Good Reply.

We don’t know what would happen next, but now Sidharth is in category of Alia Bhatt after this tweet. We will pray for your recovery Sidharth, get well soon.

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