Dhinchak Pooja and Om Prakash trending shows what’s wrong with Indians


Selfie maine leli aaj, Selfie maine leli aaj

Bolna aunty aau kya, ghanti mai bajau kya


If you have not listened to these “great” songs yet then you were probably living north of the wall (GOT fans raise your hands!!).The YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are full of memes and videos of them.

They are none other than the ultra legend rappers/singers of our generation

Dhinchak Pooja

Dhinchak Pooja


Om Prakash

Om Prakash Mishra

Not only these two there are many other.Even Justin Bieber haters will hate them more than Justin Bieber. But they somehow manage to be a part of our social lives.

But some question arises

How did they get into our news feed or trending page??

We see people bashing them in comments, But they trend, how?

Do we need this kind of people to trend?

The answers lie within, We the people of India bash them, but love to see and hear them and make a mockery of it then share it on social media. The chain goes on. We don’t need these garbage trending in our society.

Let me tell you about few other names

Varun Agarwal

Adhitya Iyer

Sumer Raj Purohit

Jay Kapoor

Most of us haven’t heard these names earlier, but they are the true heroes who must be trending. And I’ll tell you why


Varun Agarwal

A budding entrepreneur, a filmmaker who has three companies and one book under his name. His book “How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-founded a Million Dollar Company.” Is rated 3.7 on good reads. And his INK talk was inspirational.


Adhitya Iyer

An author, motivational speaker who’s TEDx talk “The interesting story of our educational system” was phenomenal. His book “The Great Indian Obsession: The Untold Story of India’s Engineers” is listed on Amazon.


Sumer Raj Purohit

Owner of YouTube channel “Last Moment Tuitions”, who makes videos on engineering related topics. His videos helped me pass my engineering exams!


Jay Kapoor

A well-known Tech You Tuber, who makes quality technology related stuff.


The similarity between these heroes and those ultra legends are they all lie in same age group. The heroes want to change something for good in society, but we don’t feel that their work is worthy of being shared socially whereas we don’t feel any shame sharing those “Dhinchak” memes. These actions of us represent the thought process of our society. And no wonder why we Indians are the CEO’s not the founder of many companies.

We Indians don’t lack motivation, we lack inspiration.

(Mic Drop!!)

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