Engineer: The Creation


Admissions are on full throttle, in every engineering colleges across the country. The bargaining game for money and streams can be heard everywhere. Generally, across the world children do show some traits of being an engineer, which takes them to that field. But that’s not the case every where, some places engineering is just like forced labour, now let’s see what it actually means.

1) By Birth

India is a place where a child’s future is decided the moment it is born. Like, if it’s a boy, he has to be an engineer or doctor. If it’s a girl and alive she would be a doctor or a bride or both. In foreign countries a kid is born, it grows up, studies all the subject, decides it’s favourite subject and then the kid decides, I repeat the kid, decides it’s future. The Constitution of India gives you right to education to every individual, but we need right for what to study and what not. 

2)The subject

A science student has to be a bit curious, about everything around him. He should keep on asking questions. Remember Newton, I really have cursed that guy for not eating that apple, that fell on his head, but again it helped discovering gravity. But you can’t be curious every time, like Imagine, In India if a kid asked his Dad how does a fan work he would say “Magic” and then he expects me to be an engineer. In America if you Dad catches you watching an adult movie at 16, he would be like, son we need to talk. Yesterday my dad caught me watching murder, and he said ” Ladka Bada ho gaya, ab iski shaddi Kara do” and I am like I have seen this movie when I was 16 tab bhi karwa dete kya!

3) Creativity

Engineering is a profession where you have to create things, like a machine, a device, a software or a structure, and to create such things you need creativity. But according to my our society, “Ladke ka maths acha hai, engineering karwa do”. People don’t think about engineering seriously, and that’s probably a reason why 60% engineers in India are unemployable.

I am not comparing our culture to other countries. No, I am just saying that if you can copy some movie scenes from them why can’t we lend some common sense too. Recently a video went viral, where some idiotic parents where hitting a child for not studying, forcing her to do things. That’s not cool, every parent wants there child to be successful, but at something which he or she likes to do. Doing things which you don’t like is a sort of slavery.

Now it’s up to us, we can be slaves or free birds.