This Is Huge: HBO Hackers Threatened To Leak The Finale Of Game Of Thrones.


Hackers Hackers Everywhere.

The night was really dark and full of terrors for team HBO. As we all know, the gods are not happy with the team and they are facing a great bad luck in this season of Game Of Thrones.


Things are out of control from a long time and HBO has lost all the control over the situation. It has been reportedly¬†said that 1.5 TB data of HBO was leaked by a group of some hackers and they have demanded a huge amount of bitcoins in order to keep it a secret. They claim that if HBO doesn’t listen to their demands, then the group will leak some amount of data every week before the official release.

We all were aware of the leak of Game Of Thrones SE07E04, which was mistakenly leaked by Star India. In respect to this case, four Indian men, who were responsible for this scenario, have been arrested a few days later.

GOT Fans got a beaming light in the dark days when HBO Spain mistakenly aired Game Of Thrones SE07E06 for one hour last week. This made things even worse for HBO and they are again dealing with the weird demands of hackers.


So, this time these hackers are again back with their ransom demand of $6.5 billion in the form of bitcoins. They have threatened HBO to fulfil this demand, otherwise, they will leak the Game Of Thrones Season 7 finale before the official release.

No matter how a person would respond to this, but it is indeed a sad situation for HBO. They have already paid a heavy amount on the leak of two episodes. *Sigh*

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