What? HBO Has Been Threatened By Hackers And They Are Leaking More Content By Sunday.


It seems like Winter has finally arrived for the House HBO. There are so many bad things happened to them in the past few days and we are sad for their loss. We all know how the Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 arrived on the internet before even official release. We all enjoyed watching it unofficially but at last, we all did wrong with every person related to our favourite series. *sigh*

So counting on the big thing from this whole incident, HBO has been threatened by the hackers and they are leaking more content by Sunday. The hackers of name little.finger66 claimed to have acquired more than 1.5 terabytes data from the servers of HBO. They have already leaked the episodes of shows like Ballers, but they are having some important data also, like that of financial information and employees’ data.

These hackers took a pledge to leak some content on the weekly basis on every Sundays at 12 GMT. An automated email reply message from hackers on Thursday gave a final danger sign to HBO where they mentioned the acquisition of 1.5 terabytes and their plans to destroy HBO.

To be more clear, the Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 was not leaked by these hackers. “The Spoils Of War” has been acquired in a data breach from the Game Of Thrones‘s India distributor- Star India, from a different group of hackers which are still not known. The hackers of little.finger66 didn’t get a single episode of Game Of Thrones, but they got their chance on the script of one episode.

What Is The Reaction Of The CEO Of HBO?

It is well understood that they are in a big mess, but they are acting calmly on this issue (which is a smart act for now). To get the hype of this whole scene, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that someone is also threatening to release the emails of HBO on Sunday. This is just after the day CEO Richard Plepler announced in the staff “we do not believe that our email system as a whole has been compromised”. To this, Hollywood Reporter received an email from HBO in which they discussed the issue of the ransom demands of hackers. They demanded something which HBO failed to meet and that something is still a secret for the common people.

All we can do is wishing HBO a good luck, after all, they feature our best and favourite shows.