Here Are 9 Easy Ways How An Engineering Student Can Make Money In His College Life.


No body can ever understand the pain of an engineering student. Have you ever wished some terrorist to put a bomb in the lecture theatre so that you don’t have to attend any boring lecture for at least one year? Or something different by which you can flush the torture of every single day? If yes, then trust me, you are a true engineer. Obviously, no body has born to survive in the storms of assignments and getting hijacked by the wrath of professors.

One of the main problems in the life of engineering students is, they have no idea about their future. There is a zeal in their heart to earn a big amount of fat cash, but HOW? Because their skills have been brutally killed by some stupid people of society who didn’t follow their own interests.

Well, it is never too late. You know what? You can still follow your passion and earn a huge amount of money in your college days. I am here mentioning 9 Easy Ways How An Engineering Student Can Make Money In His College Life. These are well-tested methods and people have earned a pretty good amount of money from each one of these.

1. Buy It From eBay, Sell It On Amazon

No matter how funny it seems to you, but it actually works. Let it be a pen or hard disk, order it from eBay and sell it on Amazon after keeping your profit. All you need is a good research and one seller account on Amazon.


2. Website Making
If you are a CSE student, then you must know how to code for a simple website having landing pages. You can convince local showrooms or restaurants to have their online presence and pitch a great idea in front of them. Trust me, every single shop keeper wants to have his own space in the world of internet.

3. Marketing and Branding
Marketing and Branding are very easy in a college. You can easily convince any local business to give you a chance and they will definitely trust you. Put up the posters in every canteen and discuss the advantages of the product among your friends. Approach the same client with a website proposal and make it done by your friend if you don’t know the coding.

4. Start Your Own Business Of Selling Registers
Every one needs copies and registers to make notes. Make a deal with some famous brands in your local area and go to a person who prints registers. You can now sell these registers in your hostel at very cheap prices. The money will be coming from two streets. Don’t wait, just grab this idea and start working on it.

5. Blogging/Video Making
This is the common way used by every second person in the college. Trust me, people have made more than 1 Lakh per month from these two things. You can always hire a second person if you don’t know writing or video making. These two things are the needs of start-ups and small businesses but big businesses have their own in-house team.

6. Make Gigs on Fiverr
Do you know how to design a t-shirt? Or how to write emails in Spanish? Fiverr is the platform where you will have thousands of opportunities on a silver plate. From giving a relationship advice to increasing FB likes, Fiverr is stuffed with lots of sugar.

7. Be An Ola/Uber Driver
This is a golden fish which you can catch if you know how to drive a car. You can have a car on rent for 2-3 hours every day, what else? Just complete your selected hours on Ola/Uber and get a chance to play in the tub of money. On my random conversations with Ola/Uber drivers, I got to know that they can easily earn 50,000+ in a month.

8. Teaching
You are the need of this world. Yes, people have an image in their mind that engineers are good in studies. You can get a chance to teach school students and that too at a good payout.

9. Part Time Job
Try to get a part time job at any start-up. You will definitely get to learn so many things with a good amount of stipend. This will also add one star to your resume, after all, you won’t find these chances too often.

The list doesn’t end here. The world is ready to give you opportunities, depends if you want to move a step forward. Go now and get some hard cash to pamper your dreams.