How much money does Dinchak Pooja earn from online videos?


You will be shocked to know how much money she makes from YouTube videos!

Yes this is a big question! and you will be surprised after knowing that how much she made out of that shit!
No doubt you don’t need talent for money and popularity these days even if you are an idiot but a bigger one! you will earn a lot from it!
And don’t get surprised when you see some idiots these days like Nauman Khan, Nasirkhanjan and Dhinchak Pooja earning loads of it.

So let us come back to question how much does Dhinchak pooja Earn?
How many views does it take to make money on YouTube? or How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views in India? This is a very common question asked by the YouTubers. Some say youtube pay $1 -$2 per thousand views. But you can make money based on people engagement with the ads.
Considering 1.5$ or 97Rs per 1000 views Dhinchak pooja’s “Selfie mene leli aaj” has 13 million views already. She already earned approximately 12.5 Lakhs from this song in just 21 Days.
We Engineers after Studying Hard for 4 Years hardly gets plaved for 4-4.5Lpa and this is your 3 years salary.
If we see her total earnings till now she earned approx 3.9 Lakh Rs from “Daru Daru” and approx 2 Lakhs from “Swag wali topi”.

Totally making her earning approx 18.4 Lakhs!
No doubt soon she will buy her own Audi and will take lots on selfies sitting in it.