Is coding really important?


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Many people do realize the importance of coding but they often think, how coding can be useful to them.

What is coding? Whether they should learn coding? Is coding only for computer science engineers? Image result for coding

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Well, coding or programming, may or may not seem useful to you but can you imagine your life without mobile phones, laptops,internet,satellites,GPS, social networking sites, robots etc. And no-one can deny the fact that Instagram, Facebook or YouTube which interest teenagers the most now-a-days – are some of the best results of programming. Image result for what if I don't learn coding

We have studied biology, mathematics, history, geography, etc. in our childhood although we ain’t pursuing our career in these fields, just because it is necessary to know about the world,we are living in. Similarly, it is important to learn computer science and coding – cause of greatest changes to the world of advanced technology.

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Did the thought of making your own game ever excite you?

If you think it’s the work of software developers and you need a degree to actually call yourself a coder or to start coding you need to join a reputed college then in this case, my friend you really know very less about this wondrous world. There are tons of online courses and you can become a programmer only with your own hard work. It’s never too late to start learning something … at least in case of coding. Many people are experts of Java, python or other programming languages and do not have an actual degree. And you should also check Alma mater of Satya Nadella(electrical engineer) and Sundar Pichai(Metallurgical Engineer),(they may not be best coders but they are handling world’s largest tech-companies).

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Coding is for everyone.

It may not be directly related to other branches of engineering but if you are good at coding, you definitely have edge over others from your branch. IT companies offer good jobs(part time jobs too) with huge salary packages and you can also work from home. You can be either software developer or web – developer or app developer.

From a recruitment point of view it’s good if you know how to program using python and java at the least along with C/C++. Learning how to program in these languages might also help you out in say image and video processing where the open source software which most students use support these languages.

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Programming is required in simulator softwares used in electrical engineering like MATLAB,P-spice,cvavr etc

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Arduino,BeagleBone,Raspberry Pi,Nanode, etc. – every engineer have worked with at least one of these. So, Mechanical and electronics engineers are also not unfamiliar to coding. It may not be a necessity but it can be a royal icing on the cake of your job.

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Do what you love to do, don’t restrict yourself with your branch. Enhance your knowledge and outshine the world.

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