Indian Students Shines At 1st Global Robotic Olympiad, Competes 157 Countries


Indian Students shines at 1st global Robotic Olympiad, competes 157 countries


Once again Indian Tricolor waves across sea. Seven Indian Students showcased their talent in Washington, US. 157 countries participated in global Robotics Olympiad, out of which a team seven students from Mumbai won Gold for Zhang Hang Engineering Design Award and Bronze for Global Challenge Match.

Global Robotics Olympiad is an Olympics style robotics competition held in US from July 16 to July 18.This was the first time when participation was opened to other countries. The purpose of this event was to find innovative solution using robotics technology to manage, reduce and recycle waste.

The Indian Team was led by a 15 year old Rahesh Saraf accompanied by Aadiv Shah-Team Spokesman, Harsh Bhatt- Alliance Strategist, Vatsin Suchak- Alliance Analyst, Adhyyan Sekhsaria-Robot Tactician, Tejas Ramdas- Robot Controller, Raghav Ringshia- Robot Driver and Nilesh Shah-Team Mentor. The students were from Jamnabhai Narsee School, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Utpal Shanghvi School, Oberoi International School and Ecole Mondial World.

Indian team was sponsored by Tata Class Edge, Tata’s initiative in education center

The students designed the project named “Neutrino”. It is designed to separate pollutants from contaminated water. The team India purpose was to generate awareness on water conversation and access to clean water.


Aadiv Shah while an interview explained the whole scenario of event. He said, “The match started with 40 blue balls and 10 orange balls that were flowing in a river. The blue balls represented clean water, while the orange balls represented contaminants. The goal of each team was to work together, collect as many blue balls and store them in their designated water reserve, located at the front of the arena. At the same time, the 10 orange balls had to be placed in the laboratory, which was located at the rear of the arena, atop a bridge.”

The scoring was based on all appropriate allocation of balls i.e. blue balls sent to the water reserve and orange ball sent to the laboratory.

The team Spokesman, Aadiv Shah said that,”We know each other’s strengths and weakness , so we divided the roles accordingly”.

The constant determination and efforts of students leads the young minds to the stairs of success. It is a glorifying moment for our nation that the enthusiasm of our young generation is making the India proud worldwide.

As per the Face book page the team stated –“Absolutely thrilled that we are able to live up to our promise…We had lot of fun at the first global challenge 2017”.


Penned By: Bhavna Malhotra

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