Kathappa ne Dhinchak Pooja ke videos ko kyu maara?


Kathappa ne Dhinchak Pooja ke videos ko kyu maara?

Inspirational icon for Engineers “Dhinchak Pooja’s” aka Pooja Jain got popular after her Cringe-rap songs Selfie Maine Leli Aaj and Dilon Ka Shooter went viral.

She had 12 videos on her YouTube Channel, but suddenly videos have been taken down due to some copyright claim by a person named “Kathappa Singh”.(seriously)

Multiple reports said that a YouTube user with the handle Kathappa Singh contested the copyrights on Pooja Jain’s songs and reported the matter to the channel. YouTube subsequently acted against her.

The news of her videos being taken off broke on Tuesday night. At first, her channel was giving viewers the message “This channel has no videos”. However, some time later, a two-week old video appeared. Links to the videos on her Facebook page were also unavailable.

Her channel had a total of 12 videos but only one – Dilon Ka Shooter – is available now. However, you can still access her channel on Youtube.

Our assumption is that Mr. Kathappa was either involved in the productions and didn’t get any credits or he was an innocent passer who took it personally

After noticing himself in one her famous videos.

One of our expert believes that this is just a promotional drama.

People went crazy on twitter with such funniest tweets

Even Sir Ravindra Jadeja could not resist himself to tweet


Penned by : Rahul Jain