Here Are The Main Points Of Gorakhpur Tragedy, No One Told Us The Whole Story


The whole nation is in grief after hearing the sad story of Gorakhpur tragedy. What supposes to be worse than the death of some innocent babies is the pain of their parents who are holding the dead bodies of their infants. These parents lost their dreams and hopes in just one second and we can only hear their shrieks, *sigh*.

For those who are still not aware of the things that happened in past few days, have a look at the main points of Gorakhpur tragedy.

  1. It was a very sad day when a Lucknow-based firm stopped the supply of oxygen to the Baba Raghav Das Medical College (BRDMC). The firm accused this college of not paying a number of previous bills. That was the very reason which leads them to make this decision.
  2. The firm was not aware of these dreadful consequences as it caused the death of more than 60 innocent babies, including premature babies who were kept for proper treatment and growth.
  3. According to the current reports, 23 children died in the hospital on Thursday- out of which 14 were in neonatal ward, 7 children died on Wednesday, 9 died on Monday, 12 died on Tuesday and seven on Friday.
  4. The government has probed the operations of that Lucknow-based firm for their careless behaviour. According to the reports, they should have informed the hospital or any government authority before taking this decision.
  5. The previous data showed that it was hospital administration who didn’t release the funds for bills until 11 August. even though the required funds have been transferred by the authorities on August 5.
  6. The chief of the college has resigned later last night and he took the moral responsibility for deaths. He has also blamed red tape for the same.
  7. While the college staff and members have admitted that the hospital has survived two hours without an oxygen supply, however, there is not even a single death in that period.
  8. The chief minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath has arranged a 10-bed Intensive Care Unit and a 6-bed Critical Care Unit facility in the hospital which have a large number of encephalitis patients.

This whole tragedy took a different face in the state which is giving fire to the opposing parties. The competitive political parties are naming it a government issue as they should have good managing system. 

We won’t comment on the political issue, but our blessings and prayers are for the dead ones. We wish them to rest in peace and more power to the heartbroken family.

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