Manmohan Singh Turns 85 : A Dark Horse Who Couldn’t Shine

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“I do not minimise the difficulties that lie ahead on the long and arduous journey on which we have embarked. But as Victor Hugo once said, “no power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come.” I suggest to this august House that the emergence of India as a major economic power in the world happens to be one such idea. Let the whole world hear it loud and clear. India is now wide awake. We shall prevail. We shall overcome.”

Mr. Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister during the Introduction of budget of 1991

When was the last time you heard Mr. Manmohan Singh say this long?

I bet you don’t remember that.

This was the Budget which changed the economy of India. For the first time, the emphasis was on direct tax. Which helped India garner over 2300 crore from tax. The world remembers what significance that day had in the history of India. And all the credit goes to Mr. Manmohan Singh who turns 85 today!

             Life is never free of contradictions.                            

Early Life:

Born on 26th September 1932 in Gah, Punjab. Manmohan Singh lost his mother at a very tender age. He was raised by his paternal grandmother then. He married Gursharan Kaur in 1958. And was gifted with three daughters.


Manmohan Singh with his wife and daughter


The more said is less for his education. After completing his graduation, he completed his Economics Tripos (First Class Honours) from University of Cambridge, U.K., and D.Phil from Nuffield College, University of Oxford, U.K.


As Finance minister in 1991


Manmohan Singh served as Governor of RBI(1982-1985). Then was appointed as Finance minister of India in 1991. Later in 2004, he became the 14th Prime minister of India. And went on to double his tenure till 2014.


Cover of coveted Time magazine 2012

Manmohan Singh was often mocked by people for not speaking up. Many magazines of the world criticized him being an underachiever. But he held his calm and went on to do his work.

Yes, he may not have been the best prime minister which India ever had. But a man of his stature must not be condemned or humiliated without prior details of his past or present.

Manmohan Singh must be remembered as a good man, who was dominated by the politics and the people around them. We are humbled to have a man like him in our country. Happy Birthday, Sir!


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