Meet Medha Gandhi, Great-Great-Grand Daughter Of Mahatma Gandhi.


We do know many people of Gandhi family like Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Varun Gandhi, etc. But we have never heard about Medha Gandhi. Who is this new name in the pages of Gandhi family and we are not aware of it?

Mahatma Gandhi’s 154 descendants found their places in six different nations excluding India. Gandhi’s son Hiralal and his son Kantilal has also shifted from India. Medha Gandhi is the daughter of Kantilal Gandhi and they are living happily in America.

Medha Gandhi is an accomplished comedy writer and parody song producer. She has updated her funny bio on Instagram, which is a proof of her wit. 

She is involved with many charitable organizations like MDA and The Alzheimer’s Association. She is not only famous for her last name, she is also known for her lifestyle. She has maintained a long distance from politics and looking forward to her career in the creative field.

She is also known for her vocal talent and she has even produced a stunning show in Ohio, ‘The Dave And Jimmy Show’. Her latest show is ‘Matty In The Morning Show’. 

She is highly active on social media as she keeps updated her fans with latest trends and fashion. She is famous with the name ‘babyhotsauce’ and has at least 52k followers on Instagram. 

While being an avid traveler and photographer, Medha Gandhi has a special place for animals in her heart. Most of her news feed on Instagram and Facebook is occupied by the cute pictures of animals. 

Her last name might be the reason of the fame she gets but we can never deny the fact that this little girl is the architect of her own kingdom. She is setting a good example for the girls of this world by following her passion and love.

Keep it up Medha!

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