NIT Uttarakhand – Students on Strike for permanent campus

NIT Uttarakhand

The students of NIT Uttarakhand launched strike demanding a permanent campus for the college and shifting of temporary campus to plains. The institute is located approx. 150 KMs from the state capital. Students have been accomodated in the temporary campus for the past 7 years.They often miss out on good placements because companies fail to reach the college’s remote location.

NIT Uttarakahand
NIT Uttarakahand students on indefinite strike.

Students have been living in miserable conditions for past 7 years. They were made to share one room among 6 students which is too small even for two students. 3 Washrooms are shared by 50 students in the campus.Unlike other NITs which have more than 300 acres of campus, NIT Uttarakhand is currently running on 1 acre area of land. College authorities blame large number of admission in 2016-17 as the reason for overcrowding.

NIT Uttarakahand
NIT Uttarakahand students living in congested rooms.

The students of the institute have been facing these conditions for past 7 years. Started with 90 students in 2010, the institute was expected to be sufficient for that many people. But with increasing strength(12,00 currently), it has become nearly impossible to continue at the current site. The problems of the students have reached their saturation limit and they can’t bear the miserable conditions of this campus anymore. The students have also sent a memorandum to the MHRD having the main demand of immediate shifting of their temporary campus to plains and sought its intervention.


The students stated “The Registrar of the institute conceded the fact of overflowing bathrooms and said that students would soon be shifted to houses or hotels somewhere else temporarily but that is not a solution and that behaviour of Registrar is very irresponsible as those houses and hotels are not going to provide students the atmosphere needed to study.”

On monday, the in-charge director of the institute visited the campus and asked the students to have some realistic demands and that they will provide all the facilities in this campus only. He said that without having any knowledge of the ground scenario at the campus and all the students opposed him as their demands are not unrealistic.


people, crowd and outdoor
Peaceful Strike by Students.

The strike has reached it’s fourth day and still hasn’t shown any sign of reaching climax.

The students have been sitting all day in scorching heat followed by rain.

NIT Uttarakhand
Strike during rain.