Sexism at NIT Jalandhar crosses all limits of toleration : High time to start reacting!


We come across thousands of articles and comments revolving around women empowerment everyday. While it seems all constructive and affirmative on papers, the reality is a bit darker.

A recent outrageous incident that took place in one of the most renowned institutions of India, NIT Jalandhar has put liberty and equality to shame. Deepanjali Dayal, a pre final year Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering was engrossed in writing her last paper in the Minor exam when she was met with a sexist remark by an invigilator who seemed to be more bothered about her dress than anything else. As per the statements received from Deepanjali, she was wearing an ordinarily decent top under a shirt and there was nothing provocative about it which would draw the invigilator’s unnecessary attention. Yet, not only she was interrogated about her clothing in front of the whole class but was also demanded to button up the shirt immediately. Shocked by this sudden outrage, she refused to follow his orders and made her point clear that it should not be a matter of his concern. Instead of realising the sensitivity of the situation, the invigilator began humiliating her and repeating his commands while the rest of the students in the examination hall (majority of them were boys) threw judgemental glances at her.

The storm didn’t cease here. Being a girl of substance, Deepanjali decided to make the whole student community aware of this incident. She posted a detail information regarding this matter on her social media account. But after reportedly receiving a call from her nagging warden, she was compelled to take it down.

The administration seems to be perfectly okay with the mindset of Rajnish Ranjan, the invigilator and people like him. An evidence of this is the new notice put up in hostel premises which reads, “All the GH-2 and MGH girls are informed that YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to wear shorts or dress above knee length, outside the hostels or inside the mess. Students violating the rule will be punished without any second warning. ” Although the notice does not contain a reference number and is not even approved by either the Chief Warden or the Director.                                                                                                           

On the contrary, the Registrar, Dr. Rohit Mehra  is constantly denying from issuing any such notice as well as states that there are no rules and regulations when it comes to students’ clothing. He has also assured everyone that the insitute’s Women Safety Department shall consider this matter with utmost sincerity.

Regardless of what the administration says in its defence, it’s a shame to witness that an institution which is meant to harbour a progressive attitude is actually dragging the society back in the dark era. To give a mouth-shutting response to such perverts, NIT students have joined hands to initiate a campaign in the name of ‘The Prison Break Motion’. Being the responsible citizens of our country, we all must express our support and salute the courage of Deepanjali who decided not to fall prey to the sick mentality of people around her. It’s just the beggining of a new revolution. There is still a long way to go!