It Is Shocking: Nita Ambani, Wife Of Billionaire Mukesh Ambani Uses This Phone.


We all dream of becoming rich and earning big bags of hard cash. Why do we want to have that much money? Obviously, money can’t buy happiness, then why do we always push our hearts to dream about money? So what if money doesn’t seem like to buy happiness, at least it can buy a jet which will definitely give you happiness. Talking about money, let me talk about Mr. Mukesh Ambani and his wife Mrs. Nita Ambani. These two personalities don’t need any introduction, even a child would know about them.

There is no second thought in the fact that Mrs. Nita Ambani is also a successful businesswoman in India. She owns a cricket team and also the non-executive director of Reliance Industries. She is also famous for her lifestyle as she makes all unique choices. Whether it be a bag or a pair of clothes, everything in her wardrobe is exclusive and expensive.

As we all have a special place for gadgets, Mrs. Nita Ambani also carries the same love for gadgets. This can be seen by her choices in this area. Do you want to know the mobile phone Mrs. Nita Ambani uses?

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

Do you know the cost of this phone? The price of this phone is 48.5 Million dollars, which is approx INR 315 crores. You can easily buy a private jet with this whopping amount. Most of the Ambani family members own Blackberry but Mrs. Nita Ambani has her different yet exclusive choices when it comes to gadgets.

Let us have a count on the specialties of this phone

The phone was launched in 2014. The body of this phone has been made up of 24-carat gold and Pink gold. To make it unbreakable, platinum has been coated on the body which keeps it rigid. The company launched this phone on the special demands of celebrities as it is made for these celebrities only. There is a pink diamond on the back side which steals the attention of every person.

The phone is specially designed in the way so that no one can hack it. Yes, a notification will be sent to the owner of the phone if anyone tries to hack the phone.

This phone is a class in itself, and so does Mrs. Nita Ambani.

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