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Shridhar V

Welcome to the yet another cover of HUMANS OF ENGINEERING.This section covers the story of engineers who went on ahead to do something different or simply took a 180 degree turn from their engineering career. Shridhar Venkataramana did B.Tech from NIT Surathkal then MBA from most premiere institute, IIM Bangalore and now a stand up comedian.

Unlike many other stand up comedians, he is not a full time stand up comedian.He equally loves his work and stand up comedy.In his own words, he wants to be the funniest CEO out there.



Comedy is becoming the most emerging profession in India.So we went on ahead to ask him some questions.These questions might help you in getting an idea of life of a comedian.


What was your motivation to get into comedy?

I am not a full-time stand-up comedian.I have a day job.But yeah,I was this funny guy in the group and always used to crack random jokes.Finally during farewell party at IIM Bangalore, I thought of giving a shot at stand-up comedy.For the first time I got to do 10 minutes and that actually went well.That kind of motivated me to get into comedy.

Shridhar Venkataramana on world's richest

Are you planning to become full-time stand up comedian?

No.I do it in the evenings and weekends.It’s like I am doing two jobs now and I enjoy doing both.My job is close to my heart as much as comedy.I want to be the funniest CEO out there.

Shridhar Venkataramana on engineers.
Acche din for civil engineers.


How do you manage to do both work and comedy?

It’s all about priorities.At the end of the day we all have 24 hours.I can do my work, come back home and go to sleep or I could do something with the time I have.So I have this regime where I do nothing else.I just do comedy and work.

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Tyrion Lannister of comedy.

Do you get inspired or look up to any comedian?

No.Not really.When I started comedy I didn’t knew any stand up comedian.I started because I liked it.Although I like the work of Kanan Gill.I love his comedy.I love his style of delivery.Also I like Jimmy Carr. He is also one-liners comedian and does dark and offensive comedy.

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You perform a lot of political jokes and a lot of people get offended. How do you handle that?


One of the things I personally do is that I never do a joke with a bias.I have nothing against any particular political party or religion.A joke is a joke for me.If something is trending, I’ll crack a joke on that.I’m here to make people have fun.

Also I’ve been very lucky with my audience.A lot of people who see my joke online are smart.They defend me if someone happens to get offended.They understand me.They know I don’t have biased opinion.

 Shridhar Venkatarama on people getting offended.


How do you see comedy as a career?

Stand up comedy is not like any other profession.It is something very personal.You should get into stand up comedy because you love doing it.It is not for money. Even if the audience is less, you should be willing to have fun. Moreover, you should really understand your front and not risk your job to pursue full-time comedy.

I personally feel you should test yourself and understand if you’re really good at it. Keep at it for 2-3 years and then there will be a stage where you’ll be getting enough shows to perform.Then you can go for full time.Of course there won’t be much laughs in the beginning but keep at it.Just enjoy whatever you do.


Check out his stand up comedy:


Any message for our audience?

People keep telling me that you post your jokes online when you can do them on the shows.My whole point of doing stand up comedy is to reach out to people.It doesn’t matter if I’m doing show for 30-40 people.For me what matters most is to reach maximum people with my humor.People can use whatever medium they get to reach out to people.Keep writing content.Keep sending your content out into the world.Let people know you’re funny.

Comedy needs practice.It needs as much practice as your board exams or sports. Keep practicing.


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