IIT Mandi – Students Living in Uninhabitable Conditions

IIT Mandi
Students of IIT Mandi protesting at night after the incident.

IITs are known to have best brains of the country and best infrastructure to accomodate them. While the students at IIT Mandi doesn’t seem to have such perks. “It has become a tendency in India that until some severe incidents happen. The concerned authorities are not responsive to the grievances and difficulties faced by the students.” said the students of IIT Mandi. 

IIT Mandi
Seepage problem in the newly built hostels.

The students stated

We were informed on a very short notice about the administration’s decision to shift us to the new campus. The hostels of the North Campus were rushed into poor quality construction. The students were shifted to the new campus as soon as possible just for the sake of fulfilling the institute’s agenda at the cost of students’ lives.

IIT Mandi
Students had to travel from class to hostel in a tractor.

When we found out of the uninhabitable conditions, we tried to peacefully communicate with the administration but we were threatened to be thrown out of our rooms and academic probation. They allotted single occupancy rooms barely having space for two beds to two students forcing 54 students to live in these conditions. There are a lot of other problems like lack of transportation facilities due to which students missed lectures and lunch, swamps in place of missing roads.

IIT Mandi
Students forced to move to new campus without proper road facilities.

The worst of all happened on 11 August 2017, at about 11 in the night, the false ceiling fell off the roof right onto the student sleeping below. In addition to that, there are no medical services available in the North campus. Fortunately, the student didn’t suffer any severe injuries. Similar accident happened earlier in another room where false ceiling fell. We reported the issue several times but no measures were taken by the administration.


IIT Mandi
Photos of ceiling that fell on a student.Student is injured

We were informed by the Chief Warden that these hostels were certified to be safe and habitable and when we asked for the document so that we could take proper legal actions against the accountable bodies but the matter was purposefully stalled.

Students of IIT Mandi
Students of IIT Mandi protesting at night after the incident.

When the incident happened, all students left their hostels and protested in front of director’s residency but he refused to show up for over 3 hours. He told that immediate actions will be taken but promises were made by administration over 2 months ago which they failed to keep.

After a meeting  in which no students were involved, they made promises to achieve the demands. Students demanded this in written form but they refused.

The protest wans’t a complete success.

Nobody took responsibility for the incident and no promises were made to take legal actions.