TFE Admin Placement Interview Experience : Futures First 9.2LPA


29August, 2016

Company name : Futures First 9.2 LPA

It all started with a Power Point Presentation in which they introduced their company and gave a  brief intro about trading and it was an interactive session with few questionnaires about ‘when you buy or when you sell’
(Suggestion: Write down every single point about the company, they will ask you in stress round).

Round 1: Written Test: 49 questions for 35 minutes.

Written test questions were moderate, containing simple BODMAS, Reasoning, Memory based questions having negative marking (1/3rd). But overall written paper was not that easy because time was very limited and most of the calculations has to be done in your mind. They shortlisted only 14 students out of 200.

Round 2: HR interview: They gave us a DAF (Detailed Application Form) which had around 15 question about your basic life /family /education background and all, you have to submit it before interview.

Few questions from DAF:

  1. Strength and weakness.
  2. Biggest risk you have taken in your life (don’t mention a drop after 12th class.)
  3. Biggest disappointment of your life?
  4. What is your biggest achievement of your life? (Don’t mention getting admission in this college.)
  5. According to you how much marks you got in the written test?
  6. Do you know about market?
  7. Why are you interested in this organization?
  8. What you used to do in your spare time?
  9. Why should we hire you?

Now HR interview:
I was the first person for HR interview and this was very first interview of my life so I was a bit nervous.

(P.S : ignore grammatical error, I wrote in hurry .)

It starts then. I go into

HR: Rohit ,Tell me about yourself?

Me: I explained the same thing whatever I found on Quora (Wo bhi smjh gyi thi ki kaat rha hai).

HR: So how’d you prepared for Futures First? Do you know about interview procedure?

Me: Yeah ma’am I do know . I’m not much prepared for interview because I was not sure that interview itself also going to be held today. I prepared a bit from Quora.

HR: So what did you find at Quora?

Me: Ma’am I found procedure, in a single sentence interview will be like ROADIES without GAALI. :p .

HR smiled and started asking few things from my DAF and I explained.

HR: What you do in your spare time?

Me: I used to create MEME for my page TFE.

HR: Tell me about TFE?

Me: It’s a Facebook page called THE FRUSTRATED ENGINEER to entertain engineers, having half a million followers (5,16,000+ likes Edit Now it is 1.5m+).

HR: (then she started asking few thing) Where do you find content for the page? How much you earn from page? What was your last post? Who is founder and how many people are there in your team? what is your role?

Me: I explained.

HR: Tell me about your family background?

Me: Explained.

HR: Do you know there is a lot of risk in this profession, why don’t you go for Government Job or other firm?

Me: Ma’am I know there is big risk in trading profession but I also know risk is proportional to return.

HR: Yaar, you are thinking it’s a lottery but it’s not, you can miserably fail in a single day.

Me: Yeah I know that one click can change whole thing. But this is the only firm which will pay me more if I put my extra effort, and my salary (bonus) totally depends only on my performance rather than my team. On the other hand, in govt. job if I perform poor or better, they will pay same as my colleagues. (She looked convinced).

HR: You wrote your strengths/skills are 1. Quick learner 2. Entrepreneurial skill 3. Problem solving skill. Explain all.

Me: Explained (She looked convinced)

HR: Ok. Now prove 5-2=4, you can use paper and pen.

Me:  It is mathematically wrong, can’t prove it.

HR: (smiled) I know mathematically you can’t, try to prove it logically.

Me: (bhai ye kya hai….. kuch bhi poochoge) Then I started ok ma’am I can write this 5=2+4, when we get discount on something.
(I used same analogy buy 2 get 1 free i.e. = 1+1=3; Similarly pay for 6 and get 5, in order to buy 1 extra after 4 quantities you have to pay twice for each. Coz quantities are limited per user.
For example: Suppose cost of a pen is Rs. x. If I buy 4 pens I have to pay Rs. 4x. But In order to buy 5th pen, I have to pay 2x to get the pen. Therefore for 5pens I have to pay Rs. 6x. ( Condition is given that quantity i.e. 4 pens is limited per user)

HR: (smiled) You are right but you made it complicated it was very simple. Let it go.

Me: (Hadd hai kuch bhi!!!)

HR: What if you get nothing in next 2 years, may be you loss more than you earn?

Me: No problem ma’am at least I will learn something in 2 years and gain experience.

HR: So you are hardworking. Tell me something so I can believe?

Me: I explained with an example (ma’am seems convinced).

HR: Ok how long you can sit for a work?

Me: It depends ,how far are exams :P, Around 10 hour and gave example of before end Semester night.

HR: Ok there are 2 cane, one of 3 litter one of 5 litter and a big tank of water you have to separate 4 litter, do it.

Me: (this was most asked question in interview so I knew the answer) then I did few calculation and give her my reply.

HR: You are from Jaipur. How will you survive in Hyderabad totally different city/culture/food.

Me: Ma’am if someone can survive in this college, can survive anywhere and you are also from Jaipur but living happily in Hyderabad from past 10 years.

HR: wait a minute, how do you know I am from Jaipur ?

Me: (ohh shit!! ye kya bol diya maine ) actually when I got a mail from TPO I tried to search your profile on linked in and then ended up with fb and found you there.

HR: ohh ok.

One more question she asked from aptitude: There is a bucket having 10 eggs in it, and there are 10 children, everyone has to pick one egg, from the bucket. After all the children picked the eggs, one egg remained in the bucket. How?

Me: maybe 1 child was vegetarian.

HR: no, let me replace egg with apple , now?

Me: (after few second) last kid will pick up bucket along with apple so he got apple as well and one apple is still there in bucket

HR: correct.

HR: you worked 1 year for supra SAE, what is it? You were in engine team what was your work there?

Me: Explained.

HR: what was your score in the written paper? (they didn’t show us result)

Me: around 65% because I  attempted  75 % paper, I skipped 4 question and because of typo error I made mistake in 2 questions, apart from this, all of my answer are correct.

HR: you have 2 min. to explain any 1 project, remember I am from commerce background so make It as simple as you can

Me: I picked one of my best project of OPTIMIZATION Technique and explained, then she asked me for one more I explained my design project that was very interesting and she seems happy.

HR: you have done around 10 projects; your mechanical knowledge sounds good why don’t you go for MS?

Me: Sorry ma’am but I don’t want to do higher study. Right know I want to deploy whatever I have learned and explore myself. Later on if needed I will think.

HR: Any question if you want to ask?

Me: Am I selected or not?

HR: you have to wait for answer, anything else?

Me: What improvement do I needed in myself for further?

HR: Jo is profile ke liye chahiye wo tum me hai , but am not sure . nice to meet you.

Me: thanks.

(This round was of around 40 minutes.)

I was sleeping on chair outside, After completion of all interview ma’am came and called 3 students for the next round that was stress round (and I was like …ohh shit!!! 1 round or bhi bacha hai  )

Now they called 3 students for stress around again I was the first one to face the new flavour of this thing!

( Suggestion: Guys you have to be prepared for every shit. Yes, for EVERY SHIT.)

Now the same guy  who gave ppt was in his Hostile mode.

Me: may I come in sir?

Interviewer:  hmm come

Now I was sitting on chair and he was walking behind me and saying …. Rohit you are not hardworking person, I don’t think so you are perfect for us , you are jack of all master of none.

Me: (Rohit beta stress round hai be chill …be calm ….bolne de aaj din hai iska.)

HR: what are derivatives?  what is meaning of futures? few questions from GK cabinet of India ….who is your role model, date of birth role model ,every shit of role model , random math question ,mental math.

What is meaning of derivative in trading?

(Few questions from ppt.)

Meaning of futures?

Full form of OPEC?

Where are our centres?

What is the head line of today’s news paper?

Which game you follow?

(He will confuse you at any cost! Don’t get trapped)

I don’t remember all but few are here.

HR: who is Smt. Sushma Swaraj ?

Me: She is the Lead in Ministry of External Affairs.

HR: He laughed at me loudly and ask a counter question then who is Rajyawardhan Rathore?

Me: (Shit ye bhi shayad galat bol diya) sir a year ago I applied for passport and at that time she (Sushma Swaraj) was MEA now may be changed. (I was right earlier )

HR: (Now he found my weakness that is my general knowledge) so how many members are there in cabinet?

Me: Sir I am not sure but around 20.

HR: calculate 83*86 without pen paper.

Me: (I have learned Vedic maths for interview, so it was easy for me) I gave correct answer.

HR: who is Defence minister?

Me: (again I was not sure) don’t know sir, I am poor in GK.

HR: what is head line of today’s news paper?

Me: sir I haven’t read yet.

HR: you wrote in your biggest disappointment of your life “when I came to know my gf got married”? Why is it so? What was the reason?

Me: explained.

HR: Do you have gf now?

Me: (yaar tujhe meri gf ki kyu padi hai) smiled and …nope.

HR: koi pasand nhi aayi uske baad?

Me: sir it’s not like that .

HR: What will you do if I give you 10 lac rupees?

Me: explained (about a start-up)

HR: what is square root of 68?

Me: (again this was from my domain) sir around 8. (he asked me back this is not acceptable, calculate up to 3 digits after decimal, I tried and told him 8.25, he seems satisfied but again I was not sure at this time too.)

(Now he thought my aptitude is good so he didn’t ask any more question from Aptitude but still he keeps asking from GK and about trading ,60% of my answer was “don’t know sir”)

(In stress round he will make you realize ” Beta tumhare mummy papa ne tumhe paida krke galti kr di ,tumse kuch na hoga“)

HR: you mentioned your weakness was procrastination. how’d you overcome?

Me: Sir now I divide my whole work into several parts and I fix my deadline and do with in that dead line.

HR: how can you earn from your page (THE FRUSTRATED ENGINEER)?

Me: by advertising.

HR: Why don’t you go in digital marketing or explore your page?

Me: Sir I used to do in my spare time but it’s not my profession and TFE is very small platform right now .

HR: You got ***** rank in JEE than why are you here (in this college)? If you did compromise with branch(mechanical engineering) then why are you applying in trading firm instead of mechanical ?

Me : explained .

HR: who is your best friend here?

Me: (Ummmmmm) Devansh Tiwari .

HR: what is he doing? What if we recruit him instead of u?

Me: (again I gave a rude reply) Sir he is not even interested in futures first, because he wants to do job in coding profession.

HR: what?? (palm on face) Oh,
HR:I think you have a lot of girls as friend in this institute?

Me: nope, I am introvert, I hardly talk to girls.

HR: you told DR. KALAM Is your role model, why? His family background? His study? And date of birth?

Me: I explained everything but was not sure about date of birth so I explain, sir 1st world war was started from 1914 and at that time he used to sell “seeds of tamarind” I have read that from his biography few years back, so he was 4-5-year-old at that time, according to me he born around 1908-1910.

(Unfortunately, this incident was of 2nd world war, and date of birth should around 1930 so again I was wrong with a wrong guess.How silly ,i was an absolute idiot at that moment)

(Again he asked few memory based question like to remember something (some digit) and he will ask you later).

(After few more GK question)

HR: Why don’t you go for MS or GATE (he also mention that mechanical ka placement to waise bhi accha nhi yha ka)?

Me: (bc!! ye bhi pta hai isko ki yha ka placement kaisa hai !!) Sir, I’m not interested in higher study. If needed, I’ll do later on.

HR: you are not confident at your own decisions. Nice to meet you.

Verdict : He kicked me out 😛 , I was not hired .(Thn I prepared for MS and  got  JICA scholarship for MS in Japan)

Suggestions:   Be confident (even if you don’t know answer).

Read carefully about company (only from official website)

Remember everything about your role model.

Practise vadic maths before 4-5 day at least.

If you want to make your career in trading firm then start playing mogul game, and do                         participate in internship program (check out on their official website ).


All the best

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