Types of characters in college


Remember your first day of college? When you did NOT find girls roaming around in mini-skirts, or boys singing ‘kukkad kamaal da’ in the cafeteria?

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Nonetheless, you did meet some new people. And even though it is said that every individual is unique in his own way, these are certain types of characters you do find in most of the Indian colleges.

The Attention Seekers…

They are the exact replica of Janice from f.r.i.e.n.d.s. They are loud, dominating, irritating, and do not let anyone else talk.

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The Talented Ones….

They are good at everything, ranging from dance to oratory skills. And also manage to secure a decent GPA.They are good at dance, drama, sports, arts. You name it and they are there. And in spite of spending most of the time out with the events, they still manage to secure the highest marks. No one knows how!

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Study & study until you die…

They are extremely hard-working and sanskari. They know all the subjects, all the professors know them, and they also manage to take out time for ‘extra’ studies. To find anyone appealing is a sin for them.


Universal Crush <3  

They are the Rachel Green of the college. They have it all. Looks. Confidence. Humor. Popularity.

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Grrrrrrr Girls!!

They are the most aggressive ones. Almost like Anjali of kuch kuch hota hai!

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Inseparable birds!

They are the perfect definition of PDA. They never call each other by their names, but by baby, babe, bae, hon, honey, sweety, sweetheart, and are pretty sure they will get married after they pass out. Well, no matter how gross it seems, we hope they do.

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They already have a start-up before they even join the college and sometimes even earn enough to pay out their fees.

The Revolters!!

They have a problem with everything, from the mess food to the college washrooms. They complain about it to the highest authorities around. Though their intentions are good, but they seriously need to chill-out.



Do you speak chinese there??

We agree that we have slightly smaller eyes, but chinese? The north-easterns spend the entire college life trying to explain how Arunachal and Andhra are two different states.


This is the Sheldon Cooper of technical world. They just know it all and can answer all how, when, where, why, who, what, whom, whose, even if it’s something that happened somewhere in 126 BC!

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They too, are very studious, but only manage to secure an average score. You often forget about them, even if they are sitting right next to you. They are like Gunther. They exist, and yet they don’t.

No matter how strange these people may seem initially, you can’t help but appreciate them for their work, talent, and uniqueness. For they have, in their own way, shaped these 4 years of your life. And in them, you found the Joey to your Chandler, the Howard to your Raj, and the Fred to your George.

Penned by: Isha Agrawal IIIT Jabalpur