Vipul Singh – A Mechanical Engineer, From 17 Backlogs To TEDx Speaker


Welcome to the first draft of HUMANS OF ENGINEERING.This section covers the story of engineers who went on ahead to do something different or simply took a 180 degree turn from their engineering career.


Vipul Singh, a solo street artist and now a TEDx speaker, took admission in mechanical engineering.He decided to drop out of college after having a total of 17 backlogs. Vipul stated “I took mechanical engineering because my father said so and had no idea about other branches”.
Vipul Singh - A mechanical engineering dropout

Vipul did 714 solo street plays around India and walked from Bhopal to Jammu and Kashmir on foot in 3 months(cool story coming right up *drum rolls*).His mother used to say “My son couldn’t walk till he was three”.To Vipul, this sounded incomplete.So one fine day he went to his mom and said “My son couldn’t walk till he was three but now he walks from Bhopal to J&K in 3 months”.(BADASS ALERT!)

The fun part starts from here.

The Frustrated Engineer team decided to take his interview on phone but 1 hour before the interview I (editor of TFE) decided to contact Vipul and luckily we both were present in Bhopal.Yes,I went to his home for interview and there he was sitting on the bed surrounded by laptops and his phone.There I realized, you CAN leave engineering but engineer inside you will never leave you.Every group has this one “bakchod” guy and Vipul is that guy.

Vipul Singh performing at TEDx Delhi

I asked him few questions and got to know more about him.Before that, watch his TEDxDelhi talk below.


Now you know how AWESOME he is.

Asked him some questions about his life and future plans.Well let’s say, you won’t be disappointed.

1.Any incident or experience you won’t ever forget during your journey?


“I was travelling from Bharuch to Goa and I asked this truckwala for lift. He agreed for Rs.30. So during this journey, we stopped by a river. There was this mesmerizing silence. We went by the riverbank where he started cooking chicken and offered me some.The loud voice of him chewing and splashing sound of river were the only thing I could hear.Totally the BEST moment of my life.”

Living in the moment at its best.

2.Do you have any superpowers?

This is literally what he stated.

“Yes.I do.Even if I started speaking in the jungles of Amazon, I can gather the crowd of animals who will be listening to me.I have this SUPERPOWER of gathering crowd.I feel they get attracted to me.”

Believe me.I had this undivided attention when we were having chat.

3.Experience after your TEDx speech?

“Oh boy.I didn’t prepare for the speech.I just went there and I did it.I really felt the chills when the audience stood up for standing ovation.That was the big moment for me. After the talk,I went to the washroom and I really had tears in my eyes.I still couldn’t believe those people were there to listen to me.I felt really really glad”.

Vaise toh mai bhi sakht launda hu.Par bande ne pighla diya ;_;

4.What are your future plans?

“I don’t believe in plans.Still I have some short term plans.I want to do a play on Girl trafficking and organize breast cancer awareness marathon.I really want that marathon and I want Milind Soman to run that marathon”.

Milind Soman sir? If you’re somehow reading this. Please contact him. SOMEHOW.

5.Do you have girlfriend?(Yes, I went there.Deal with it.)

Kahan yaar.I proposed a girl.She said ‘no'”.

Mechanical engineer curse still hasn’t lifted.

6.What is your say on engineering life?

Engineering survive karna sikha deti. Engineering kar li toh zindagi me kuch bhi kar sakte ho.Engineering ke bande sabse sorted.”

“Engineering teaches us how to survive.If you can do engineering, you can do anything in life.Engineers are the most sorted people.”

7.What is your dream?

“I have a target.I want to do 20,000 street plays and make a change in atleast 20 people.
And yeah.I want to go hitchhiking from Bhopal to Switzerland.”

I am coming with you, bro.

8.Any message for our audience?

“Honestly,I don’t think I am big enough to give a message.Do whatever you feel like doing.Do not ever let the word REGRET come into your life.If you want to have ice cream in winters,do that.If you want to bunk classes,do that.Just do not regret.”

He clearly stated he doesn’t support dropping out of college and said “education IS important”.


He is one hell of a guy. Isn’t he?

“Zindagi behtareen hai.Mazay karo”-Vipul Singh