Weird: Rahul Gandhi Will Speak On Artificial Intelligence In The USA.


Well, we have no words to tell you the pain our heart just felt. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry on this news. This man, Rahul Gandhi keeps astonishing people with his brilliant mind and genius choices. *Pun Intended*

Without further ado, let us hop on the topic and give you the laugh of this season.

Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi is all set to visit the USA where he will have a discussion over the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Yes, you heard it right!

Oh! We forgot to explain what AI is.

Artificial Intelligence is the technology which develops the computer systems, making them capable enough to use human intelligence which further can act as a human.

Rahul Gandhi will also deliver his thoughts on this topic and will definitely impress the audience with the knowledge his mind carries.

Now let us introduce you to the person who is behind all this idea and arrangement.

He is Sam Pitroda, who is an Investor, Entrepreneur, and Telecom Engineer. He is the person who arranged the meeting of Rahul Gandhi with great technology experts.

Rahul Gandhi, who has completed his Norway trip a few days back is now exploring the veins of technology by meeting and sitting with technical minds. He has got an idea of biotechnology in his Norway visit.

There are many engineers and technology experts who have a good idea of AI, then why in the seven hells the USA chose Rahul Gandhi to express his feelings on this topic.

We are in grief after hearing this news. We don’t know what would happen next, you guys can tell us your reactions in the comment section below.

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