Why Mechanical Engineering students are single?


Why Mechanical Engineering students are single?

Well, there are a lot of things in universe that are quite obvious. Like, river meets a sea, sun rises in East and similarly one such thing is mechanical engineers are single. Everything has a reason, including the fact that why are Mechanical Engineers single. There are quite a few reason for this. So there are 5 major reason why I believe we are single.

1) We are trained this way, right from the day when your fate is sealed in an IIT coaching centre, from that very moment the seed of singlehood was sown in you. While normal people would initiate a conversation with a girl by “Hey! How are you?”. Our conversation would start with “Excuse me! Can you please tell me the atomic number of Xenon, this numerical is damn tough.” Well this explains why girls stay away from us. Normal people at the end of class would be like “Can I get your number! We can catch up for a coffee! “. Mechanical guys would be like ” Can I get your number! I have got a new test series we can solve it together “. That sums why, we are the way we are.

2) We have another love, love is about passion. For us passion is, machines and they are our first love. For us even orgasm is the feel we get when we see a machine made by us starts working. For us moaning is the sound of an engine. This kind of sums up our sex life, which doesn’t even exist. Even our fantasies are different, we don’t think about bikini clad woman in beach, we think about driving a new BMW are any other luxury cars. For us they are not cars or machines, they are beast. We are the same guys who, while driving post a status ‘Beast mode active’.

3) Another thing we run away from is relationship, not because we are scared of it or ashamed of it. But because we can’t take any more of pressure. We already have parental pressure, pressure of society, pressure of college, exams, assignment and what not. It’s just that God hasn’t made my shoulder strong enough to handle so much. We won’t make time for spending quality time for a girl, for us even 24 hours seems less a day. We have a simple plan, drink coffee in morning and beer in evening and rest ‘Jo hoga dekha jayega’.

4) Our expectations, from a girl are quite weird too. Now don’t get judgemental and think we only ask for sex. We can control our cravings of getting an action, by a little help from Julia Ann or Mia Khalifa. Our expectations from a girl are very different, like I want my girl to help me with my assignments, help me put a proxy attendance, someone who could make Maggi for me. Is it asking too much?

5) How on earth can you love someone who doesn’t even exist. When was the last time you saw a girl in mechanical. Another problem is, a CSE girl falls for a CSE guy, but the bigger problem is a ME girls also falls for a CSE guy, and we are left only with one option. In fact two options a laptop and our right hand.

Well these are some major issues, apart from getting up late, bathing once a week and all those stuff but that’s something that every engineering guy does, only thing matters is who has a better smelling deodorant.

By: Roice Vitus

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